St. George’s Society of New York was founded in 1770 to assist those born under the British flag who found themselves in desperate straits in New York. In recent years, the Society has extended its reach to include people of Commonwealth descent and over the years St. George’s has helped thousands of needy persons in the New York area.  Its core mission today is to provide Charity with compassion and dignity to the less fortunate. The Society has two main areas of endeavor:

  1. The Beneficiary Program to support the elderly and disabled
  2. The Scholarship Program to assist outstanding students with university tuition


In addition, the Society assists the families of men and women on marginal incomes by offering free cremation and burial in one of three cemetery plots in the tri-State area located at Cypress Hills in Brooklyn, NY; Rosehill in Linden, NJ; and Kensico in Valhalla, NY. A monument at each site records the names of those buried there.  

The Society also responds to appeals for one-time emergency assistance, occasionally repatriates persons to the United Kingdom, and assists others referred by the British Consulate-General in New York, with whom the Society has had a close working relationship for over a century.


St. George’s Society of New York is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization. Tax ID: 23-7426425