A Day in the Life of Sharon Carpenter

by Sharon Carpenter

Ladies and gents, allow me to reintroduce myself – my name’s Sharon Carpenter and I’m honoured to be your host once again for one of the year’s most prestigious (and fun) Brit events held on American soil, the GEORGE British Bash!!

As an English broadcast journalist and TV personality based here in the States, it always feels special to connect with my fellow expats and, if you attended the Bash last year, you already know GEORGE is guaranteed to bring out the best of Britain here in New York. While it’s all for a great cause we certainly put the ‘fun’ in fundraising so get ready for an epic night.

Now the Bash is fast approaching so to give you an idea of the type of day June 27th is shaping up to be for me as host, check out my schedule below.

7am – wake-up…hit snooze…hit snooze again.

7:10am – Time for my smartphone fix. It’s been 6 whole hours since I’ve felt the smooth glass of my iPhone screen under my fingers! Twitter first to get all the latest headlines in bite size doses, then Instagram (OK, I’m a bit of a social media addict), then it’s time to get started on those work emails and any updates on tonight’s Bash.

8am – I just began working with a personal trainer and he’s kicking my butt/bum. Nothing like an hour long torture session of dumbbell squats and sprinting on the stair-master to get your day started right (and make sure tonight’s cocktail dress looks killer!)

9:30am – Working in-front of the camera, it’s important for me to look the part so after my workout I’m off to see my glam-squad for a quick transformation from drowned gym rat into glamor puss. One fresh blowout and bronzed face later and I feel and look like a new woman!

10:30am – Whether I’m taping my reality show for VH1, hosting one of the network’s live celebrity web chats, playing the guitar with Wyclef Jean on Centric TV, interviewing Hollywood stars like Kerry Washington for Russell Simmons’ Global Grind, or being interviewed myself – my afternoon is guaranteed to be an eventful one. Several meetings later and it’s more than time to get ready for the night’s festivities.

5pm – Seeing as I like to live on the edge, while I should be selecting my Bash outfit as wespeak, I’ll likely make a final decision just hours before I hit the stage! So many things to consider including:

1) The comfortability/simplicity factor (rated 1 – 10 on least to most likely to result in humiliating wardrobe malfunction)

2) The colour options (should I blend in with the Union Jack…or not?)

3) Footgear (3 inch heels = shorty, 4 inch heels = post-gala foot rub, 5 inch heels = shoeicide)

6pm – Panic attack! Arrgghh, the dog just ate my speech! Why did I put on my red lipstick BEFORE my white dress?? Oops, just stubbed my toe…guess it’ll have to be a flip flop kinda night.

6:15pm – Breathe, relax and drive to the venue blasting some of my favourite Brit hits to get me geared up – think The Wanted “Glad You Came”, Coldplay “Paradise” or Emeli Sande “Next To Me”.

7pm – Mix and mingle with the best of Britain in NY (while avoiding getting drunk…yet) at the cocktail reception.

8pm – It’s show time!!