It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

LCC logoSeason’s Greetings one and all,


It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  And for us that means the busiest time too.


As all expats know, it can be terribly tricky getting your hands on British sweets and treats in the United States.  As purveyors of the finest U.K. confectionary, we’re here to make it a little easier for the expat community in New York.  Although our clientele is mostly American, it’s this time of year when the British contingent descends en masse to our Bleecker Street store in search of a taste of home.


Our Christmas inventory arrived fresh-off-the-boat at the beginning of November.  Pallets loaded with festive favourites like family-sized tins of Quality Street, Roses and Heroes took over the shop for a day.  We also ordered in a healthy supply of zesty mince pies, rich Christmas puddings, and Fox’s Christmas biscuits.  It was difficult not to eat everything as we unwrapped it and one member of staff had to be sent home with a bad case of the temptations.


But our biggest seller by far during the Christmas period is the Cadbury’s advent calendar.  I mean, who doesn’t love beginning their December days with a dose of yummy chocolate and a heartwarming image of children frolicking in a snowy meadow?  The calendars sold out within a few days – but if you want one then worry not, because we placed another order (an express triple order to be exact) and have plenty more to go around.


Most Brits living in New York City would like to return home for Christmas and spend time with family and friends, but due to work commitments and jacked-up airline prices this isn’t always possible.  So here at London Candy we strive to bring the British Christmas experience, or “Britmas”, if you will, to the Big Apple.  We have all the childhood favourites like chocolate Santa’s and selection boxes as well as traditional stocking stuffers like chocolate money and Terry’s Chocolate Oranges.  Are you drooling over your keyboard yet?


Although we deal primarily in confection, there was one other item we just had to import to ensure Christmas in New York goes off with a bang.  Can you guess what it is from that terrible pun?  Why it’s Christmas crackers of course!  No Christmas dinner would be complete without paper crowns, a set of mini playing cards and a few bad jokes.


Christmas in New York City is a magical time: the tree at Rockefeller, ice-skating in central park, holiday parties, but it’s not quite the same as home (there’s no Boxing Day for a start!).  So it’s our pleasure to bring home to you.


Wishing you and yours all the best for the holiday season,


Jigs Patel

London Candy