Member Spotlight Mike Alltoft

Mike AMike Alltoft
Founder of axiom3consulting – helping clients through interim leadership, expansion plans, operational improvements and strategic business projects.

Joint Member
Joined: 2015
Born: Kent, England
Lives: Upper West Side, NYC


What brought you to New York? In 2000, the company I worked for was moving in the UK and change was inevitable. We just made it bigger and came to the USA. We left the area in 2010 and headed west, ending up in Australia. We got back in 2015. The change since we were last here is remarkable – we love it.

What do you enjoy about being a member of St. George’s Society? It started after we moved back as a way to meet fellow ex-pats and stay connected with the culture. That worked well and also provided insight to active British businesses and people here. However, the most rewarding part is being part of giving back to others who are in more difficult circumstances than us – that’s still as valid today as it was when the Society started.

What is your favorite New York place or pastime? Some of my favorite places are historical and in the St. George’s Society inaugural scavenger hunt so I can’t say here!

Other favorites –  fabulous and unexpected new eateries. Hidden bars. Flying home on a clear night and seeing the skyline. Running in Central Park. Taking a different street and finding something new. Grand Banks at pier 25 is hard to beat on a summer day.

More active favorite pastimes aren’t easy here – road biking, hiking in the mountains, skiing and sailing (happy to crew!)  – but airports, bridges, tunnels & trains help solve that.

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