Member Spotlight – Cliff Franklin

Cliff Franklin

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Sabre Integrated Security Systems

Patron Member

Joined: 2000

Born: London, England

Lives: Lower East Side, NYC

What brought you to New York?

In 1997, the British company I worked for had acquired two security systems companies in New York, I was part of the transition team. My original assignment was for 6-months – I liked it, so I stayed.

What do you enjoy about being a member of St. George’s Society?

From time to time, I need to get together with fellow Brits and enjoy that wicked sense-of-humor most of us have. But, more than anything, support for the work St. George’s Society is doing in our community has become the focus of my charitable giving.

What is your favorite New York place or pastime?

The Hudson River – I have a small sailboat that I keep in Jersey City and use the river as my relaxation spot.

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