Member Spotlight – June Briggs

June Briggs

Founder of Briggs Inc. (New York events company)

Patron Member

Joined: 2001

Born: New York, NY

Lives: Upper East Side, NY

What is your connection with the UK?

My English husband became a life member of St. George’s Society in 1957 shortly after he came to the United States. He keeps up his connections with family, friends and organizations in England.

What do you enjoy about being a member of St. George’s Society?

Associating with a delightful array of people, and a satisfaction that derives from the knowledge that deserving people, beneficiaries and scholars, are being helped by our efforts – ‘feeling good while doing good’.

What is your favorite New York place or pastime?
Reading, dining with friends and involvement in amateur theatre productions – and Central Park especially in the Spring.

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