Member Spotlight – Karla Chee-a-tow

Karla Chee-a-tow

Founder of The Akasha Company

Individual Member

Joined: 2015

Born: London, England

Lives: Bayonne, NJ

What brought you to New York?

I came to NY to get my MA in Music Business from NYU and to get the experience of working in NYC. I arrived and thought oh my goodness I have found my place; I love these people! Very direct and to the point but also kind and helpful.


What do you enjoy about being a member of St. George’s Society?

As much as I love living here it is great to know that you have support in many forms from St. George’s Society, be it socializing, sharing news and information from home in the UK or even assistance when things get tough.

What is your favorite New York place or pastime?

In addition to my love for producing/marketing theatre and music, I love dance; working in it and also doing it; so the amazing teachers and classes that are available in NYC is such a joy to me and so dance is my favorite pastime.

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