President’s Appeal


As the holiday season approaches and we look forward to spending time with our loved ones, please consider making a year-end contribution to help New Yorkers for whom this time of year is particularly difficult and lonely.

One of the things which makes our charitable program so unique is that we prevent seniors from losing their homes.  Many of our beneficiaries are referred to us from housing court in a desperate attempt to stop an eviction. For our beneficiaries, once they retired, they faced the struggle that their income was not sufficient to pay their rent so once all savings were depleted, the terrifying prospect of losing their homes becomes real. Most are unable to work and so without financial assistance, they could indeed be forced into homelessness.


ENID’S STORY: Enid was referred to St. George’s Society because she could no longer afford the rent for her apartment where she has lived for 38 years.  Enid is battling two kinds of cancer and so it is important that she maintains her health insurance. However, after paying for the insurance and medical supplies essential for her care, she has barely enough for rent. She struggled daily with the dilemma of whether to pay for her housing cost or her medical costs and could not afford even the most basic essentials she enjoyed — “a cup of coffee and a daily newspaper”.

St. George’s Society now pays part of Enid’s rent every month and for some of the medical supplies which were not covered by insurance. Despite Enid’s rather dire health situation, she remains so grateful to St. George’s Society for lifting the financial worry of either losing her home or not receiving proper medical treatment. So grateful in fact, that she has offered to volunteer once she feels stronger again after her chemotherapy is complete.

Sometimes, for literally the cost of an electric bill, we are able to provide our elderly beneficiaries the safety and dignity to live out one’s life in their own home. I hope I can count on you to make a donation and help us continue to provide life-changing support to people in need like Enid.  I urge you to contribute as generously as you are able.

With my two-year tenure as President of our unique Society nearing an end, I thank you in advance for your past support and extend my best wishes for the festive holiday season.



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